TA Fingerprint Reader with ID system CHIYU BF-670

    Hardware Features:

    - Verification Method:

    Fingerprint + password;
    Fingerprint + RFID
    Fingerprint Password + RFID;

    - Capacity: 4'795 users, 9'590 Templates (2 templates/users)
    - Log Data: 65'000 events
    - Optical - Based technology, LCD on-screen menus
    - With master / slave function
    - Communications: RS-232, TCP/IP Ethernet, RS-485
    - Built-in RFID Reader
    - Keypad: 10 Number key + 6 function key
    - Real-time calendar quartz clock
    - Lithium Battery backup for data protection
    - Built-in http server, can use web browser to make system
    - Access Control

    670 System communication Module Specifications:

    - Web-enabled
    - Verification Method can be set by employee (Fingerprint Password, 
       proximity card..)
    - Ability to register the employee's name to the terminal so the name of the
       employee would appear on the LCD every time he punches.
    - Ability to define each function key
    - Ability to export the punches to : TXT, Access database, or XLS
    - Ability to design the structure (fields) of the exported file
    - Ability to download the punches automatically to the system(once a day, a
    - Ability to backup and restore the employees finger templates.
    - Simple time attendance calculation.

    Software Reports:

    - Employee name and badge number
    - Entrance time (in) / leave time (out)
    - Minutes late / minutes of early leave
    - Total worked hours per day, per period
    - Report by single employee, multiple employees with totals