Money Counter

Discriminiators - Double Pockets

    Masterwork NC-6500

      Multi-currency detection: LBP, USD, Euro, up to 5currencies

     Various Mode of counting: Mix value count/ DD count/ PCS Count

     ATM Fitness Sorting

     LCD display: 3.5” color TFT Display

     Two tellers share in machine with individual setting preferences

     Feed system: Roller friction system

     Counterfeit Detection: Dual CIS, MR, MG, UV, Tape sensors

     Counting speed: 800/ 1000 notes/min

     Hopper capacity: Max. 500 notes

     Stacker capacity: Max. 200 notes

     Reject capacity: Max. 50 notes

     Countable note size: 60 x 85 x 0.08mm – 100 x 190 x 0.12mm

     Dimensions: 280(W) x  270(D) x 280(H) mm

     Easy Upgrade

     With new counterfeit types & new denominations (USD, LBP, EURO)


     Convenient to save and track each transactions  by date, customer’s name

       And serial number

     Advanced solutions  for banks

     SDK available


     Thermal printer : Jolimark TP-820

     Counter display