Time Tracking

Fixed Attendance - Face Recognition

    LCD Display / Speaker: 3² touch screen / Voice prompt

                                             (language can be selected)

    Technical specifications capacity:

    o    Face capacity: 3,000

    o    Fingerprint capacity: 5,000

    o    Log capacity: 100,000

    o    ID Card: 10,000 (optional function)

    Verification speed: (1:1) : £ 0.5s

    Identification speed: (1:1) : £ 1s

    Cameras: High resolution infrared cameras (one of them catch color)

    Identification / Communication: FRR £ 0.01% FAR £ 0.0001% /

     TCP/IP, RS232/485, USB Host

    Access Control Interface For: 3rd party electric lock,

     door sensor,  alarm, wired, bell & exit button.

    Wiegand Signal: Wiegand in and out

    Optional Functions: ID Card, Mifare Card